Inca Digital Securities was founded to build positive change through next generation cryptofinance technology.

We began our journey in 2009, when Evgeny and Adam met working at INTERPOL. They started a friendship that grew into a mutual passion for disruptive technology and cryptocurrency.

Inca now boasts a team of some of the best mathematicians, engineers, and information security experts around the world. We are a veteran owned small business, and we are a remote company with “meet up locations” in DC, Chicago, Paris, and St. Petersburg.


Evgeny Dmitriev, Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer

Chicago, IL, USA

Evgeny built IT surveillance systems for the Central Bank of France, designed database access solutions for INTERPOL, and helped Diebold secure electronic voting systems during U.S. presidential elections. No elections were hacked on his watch! He is currently completing his PhD in Computer Science at the Sorbonne.

Adam Zarazinski, Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC, USA

Adam is a social entrepreneur and a former USAF Judge Advocate, where he served as a prosecutor at Joint Base Andrews and operations law attorney in Afghanistan. He has managed and developed projects around new technology for international organizations like INTERPOL and the World Health Organization. When not working, Adam enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One time he rolled with Relson Gracie in Brazil. He lost.

Égor Jérôme Akhanov
NLP Engineer

Paris, France

Égor received his Master’s degree in applied linguistics from the Sorbonne University in Paris. His dark past hides his vast experience building language models for one of the oldest machine translation companies in the world. He has viking beard rings and is collecting karma points to go to Valhalla.

Andrey Shlykov
Infrastructure Engineer

Paris, France

With his academic background in information security and applied mathematics, Andrey's job is to threaten AWS with taking his Knative setup elsewhere and to teach other Incas how to use Spring Framework. He left his previous job after taking part in their annual party where his CEO was riding a tricycle and throwing cash in the air.

Zach Fallon
Government Relations Lead

Annapolis, MD, USA

Zach is an attorney with over a dozen years of experience advising on compliance obligations under the federal securities laws. His experience spans nine years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Division of Corporate Finance and Office of the General Counsel. Prior to the SEC, he practiced at Latham & Watkins. He spent over 4 years building a rock wall in his back-yard. It’s taken him another 4 years to climb it.

Yuliia Kim
Software Engineer

Saint Petersburg, Russia

While studying Information Security at ITMO University, Yulia did machine learning research for the Multiagent Systems Laboratory. She usually splits her time between building out NTerminal Content Delivery Chain and diving deep into blockchain data. Before falling in love with Inca, she spent a summer ar Kaspersky Lab working on the CSF platform.


Nicholas Gans
Research Development Lead

Fairfield, CT, USA

Nick is a neuroscience graduate who helped start a molecular pharmacogenetics laboratory. He has intrests in complex system interactions and information processing. He enjoys traveling the globe pondering the emergence of consciousness.


Yana Efimova
Software Engineer

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Yana is our Splunk fairy that comes when everything else fails. She joined Inca becuase building out and supporting distributed log management systems for a telecom giant wasn't challenging enough for her. You can see her work behind most of the advanced analytics in NTerminal.

Alexander Korotkov
Software Engineer

Moscow, Russia

Alex is the one who conceptualized and built the NTerminal Content Delivery Chain prototype. He is a utility-man who constantly gets airdropped into problem spots in our software development process to save the day. Prior to Inca, Alex developed a content management system for Wolters Kluwer and polished his programming skills at the Acronis cloud team as a back-end developer. He dabbles in chess, listens to psytrance, and occasionally plays the greatest game currently in existence: HMM 3.5.

Zach Finzi
Software Engineer

Fairfield, CT, USA

Zach is a recent graduate with a focus in neuroscience and computer programming. He is passionate about the computational properties of the brain and is working on utilizing cognitive theories for machine learning applications.

Diana Yerdaulet
Business Intelligence Engineer

Astana, Kazakhstan

Diana works in the shadows of GitLab, supplying the Business Team with unique insights into our operations backed by hard data. Her work goes well beyond putting together PowerPoint presentations with performance figures. Instead, she focuses on challenging common wisdom and looking deep into the data to keep us in check with reality! Outside of Inca, Diana enjoys her Chemical Engineering studies and runs a local meet-up for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Katya Nefedova
Assistant Financial Officer

Moscow, Russia

Katya is an engineer addicted to finance. She was reaching the computational limits of Excel and decided to trade work for big corporations (where she worked as a Treasury Analyst) for the new and exciting world of blockchain. Apart from finance, she studies linguistics, practices yoga, and spends all her treasures on traveling.

Caleb Winn
Product Manager

Raleigh, NC, USA

Storytelling with data is a passion. Caleb brings a solution-oriented mindset to visualize information and communicate the value of Inca to diverse stakeholders.


Alina Park
Junior Software Developer

Astana, Kazakhstan

Alina is a junior at Nazarbayev University majoring in robotics. Before joining Inca, she worked on various IoT, microcontroller, and 3D modeling projects, and did an internship at P&G as a software developer.

Konstantin Galperin
Data Scientist

Boston, MA, USA

Konstantin is a data scientist with a broad curiosity for predictive modeling. With years of experience in banking, his primary interests are trade-offs and practical limitations in model implementations. His love for probability theory made him money, but cost him all of his poker buddies.

Elhaidi Abdessalam
Data Scientist

Morocco, Casablanca

After graduating with a Software Engineering degree, Elhaidi was always involved in data driven projects. He is passionate about building scalable data solutions, especially in FinTech.

Alexey Kravchina
Front-end Engineer

Novorossiysk, Russia

Alexey is a front-end developer specializing in web application development. Creating useful and beautiful user interfaces is what Alexey eats, sleeps, and dreams about. He is also an avid EDM music composer.

Adi Rastogi
Business Systems Consultant

Mumbai, India

With a masters degree in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and over 3 years of experience as Software Engineer, Adi now has a strong predilection to function as a liaison between business and technology. He is passionate about understanding the client’s requirements and working it out with the tech team. He used to live in Portugal, so if you are ever heading down to that beautiful country, he’d be happy to share his experience over a glass of single malt.

Alexander Povaliaev
Digital Content Manager

Minsk, Belarus

While working in different analytics roles, from startups to enterprises, Alex fell in love with crypto. He led the research department of a crypto fund, providing companies with rich data insights. Alex fills his free time with traditional archery and driving motorcycles… sometimes, both at the same time.