Crypto Fundamentals I

All that glitters is not gold

6 minute read

In the burgeoning world of cryptofinance it is entirely possible to be seduced by the barrage of stories of the latest and greatest, to be lured to the potential of the shiny, new and disruptive, and in the process overlook fundamental technological factors that often can provide valuable insights into the future viability of a technology, it’s ability to attract a relevant developer community and then address the uses cases the project’s are intended to serve. While readers may have caught on…


Agent Based Modeling Framework for Cryptofinance

10 minute read

The expansion of unstructured and uncorrelated data has outgrown the capabilities of conventional analytical models. Recent innovations in distributed ledger technology have led cryptocurrencies to become a rapidly growing asset class, now capturing the attention of investors, traders, developers, and regulatory bodies. These ecosystems emerge and proliferate incredibly fast, but require time, technical knowledge, analytical skills, and professional tools to properly understand. These properties…