Agent Based Modeling

Yupana in CryptoFinance

Predictive Modeling In CryptoFinance

With the publishing of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system” (2008) based on Adam Back’s Proof-of-Work System, and the subsequent open-source software release of Bitcoin in 2009, the door to distributed ledger technology was opened. Bitcoin paved the way for new cryptographic systems to be created at will through forking or development of a new system. Today, these systems proliferate faster than one can keep up with. Some projects are interesting…

Yupana - Architecture

Agent Based Modeling Framework for Cryptofinance

As stated in the previous post, Yupana - Global Vision, conventional modeling techniques for simulating complex environments have relied on a set of fixed rules to govern how the model is to function. Agent based models (ABM) have been used for this purpose, to represent complex systems such as evolutionary biology, logistics, and nuclear physics. While methods of ABM have been effective for specific use-cases, they fail to be a generalizable and scalable over multiple systems. Popular…

Yupana - Global Vision

Introduction to Yupana: A Flexible Agent Based Modeling Framework

Complex systems like biological ecosystems, economic systems, or the human brain are difficult to represent and properly understand. Non-linearities, emergent properties, self-organizing principles, agonistic or antagonistic effects, and feed-forward or feed-back mechanisms make it difficult to disentangle governing rules and foundational properties within them. We often depend on external tools to help us see particular patterns that are otherwise non-salient. These tools help us better…