Quri secures and simplifies the world of cryptocurrency. It is a highly customized low volume product. Each is built based on our customer’s needs and is backed by lifetime support.

Quri is an open-source operating system with encryption and security tools specifically designed to interact with and simplify access to digital currency services.

Quri comes pre-loaded with instructions and third party applications that allow users to easily purchase, trade, and manage digital currency. We securely backup all data for retrieval and your device is automatically updated. Below are just a few of the services you can access on your Quri.

If you are interested in purchasing a Quri, please email us at [email protected].

Digital Portfolio Consolidation
and Management

Your Quri comes with the best third party cryptocurrency wallets, a suite of applications, and guides for accessing everything needed to acquire, store, and use digital currency. We also offer access to our powerful investment analysis tool, NTerminal, and provide enhanced security features - such as 2-factor authentication and multisig - paired with quick and easy set-up guides.

Key Management and Communication

Keeping accounts and passwords secure can be a challenge for cryptocurrency users. We assist clients by providing setup tools that generate and store all necessary security keys and settings. After the initial setup process is complete, users will have access to a password manager, pgp-enabled email, and secure chat applications.


Quri offers users with a zero-knowledge backup service that encrypts all data before sending it to the cloud, making it unreadable outside of our secure environment. You will be able to restore all of your digital assets, settings, and encryption keys in a matter of minutes if you lose your device.


Inca Digital Securities will provide software updates to your Quri. We carefully monitor and screen every update to make sure patches do not affect system functionality and no malicious code is introduced.